What Is Airbag And How Does Inflator Work


Who does not need a car? I need it all the time. Do you wish to know the reason? I am a travel lover. And living in for almost 10 years in China I have experienced half a dozen of accidents, but I always remain safe due to the presence of one of the most important parts of the car i.e. the airbag. Do you have any idea about the air bag? This blog will let you know about this. Basically, it comp.

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How Does Airbag Inflator Work?


Do you know what an airbag inflator is? Yes, it is a component of the airbag where a gas is produced as a result of which the airbag inflates. In 1990’s various cars makers makes the use of one size fits all inflator in the airbag; which means when the sensor of the airbag sent the deployment signal, the airbag gets deployed with the equivalent force regardless of the accident circumstances.

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Easy Ways on Replacing the Airbag of Your Vehicle

Replacing the Airbag

An airbag, otherwise known as a supplementary restraint system is a safety equipment that is installed on automobiles for the protection of the divers as well as the passengers from the impact injuries associated with the collisions of the vehicles. It comprises of inflators that contains strong chemicals like sodium azide and a mixture of helium and argon. When this inflators deploys, a gas is .

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Meet Us at MIMS Automechanika Moscow 2015


Our company will attend MIMS Automechanika Moscow 2015 on August 24th-27th. Our site is at Hall:7.1 Booth No.:P385. This year, we are going to exhibit our products including airbag cover, airbag inflator, seat belt inflator, seat belt pretensioner, car seat belt, seat belt webbing and so on. We hope you can stop by and visit us at our booth..

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Meet Us at Automechanika Shanghai 2014


Welcome to stop by us at Automechanika Shanghai 2014, As usual, we will be attendingAutomechanika Shanghai 2014 during 9-12, December 2014, the annual Automotive parts show in Shanghai China. This year, we are going to exhibit our new products,such as seat belt pretensioner, Micro Gas Generator for seat belt pretensioner, Airbag inflator and components. To learn more about our new products, welc.

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4 Ways To Check And Test Your Car’s Airbag


Airbags save lives, with over 20,000 drivers and passengers already protected as of 2010, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. As the NHTSA points out, airbag injuries are getting fewer every year, with newer cars and trucks having the best safety records, but a significant number of injuries and deaths are caused by airbags that are faulty and do not deploy when need.

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Difference Between 4 types of Car Seat Belt


The function of car seat belts The car seat belt is a vehicle safety device designed to secure the occupant of a vehicle against harmful movement that may result during a collision or a sudden stop. And it can control the driver and passengers’ chest acceleration and compression at the lowest value. In the overall occupant restraint system, including seat belt, airbag, seat, steering wheel .

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How Seat Belt Pretensioner Works?

Seat Belt Pretensioner

A seat belt pre tensioner is a device that is used to hold a passenger firmly in their seat just before and at the start of a collision (especially in a front or head on collision) and then allow that passenger to come into contact with the inflated airbag in a controlled way. The pre tensioner is an addition to the basic seat belt. While the basic has been to reduce serious injury and save l.

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What is Seat Belt Reminder?


Seat belts are an effective way of reducing the number or road deaths and severe road injuries in crashes. Seat belt reminders warn car drivers and passengers if the seat belt is not fastened. This can be done by a visual signal or an acoustic signal or by a combination of the two. Seat belt reminders are becoming more and more intelligent. Not only are they capable of ascertaining whether or no.

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