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  • Oct 06 / 2014
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Difference Between 4 types of Car Seat Belt

The function of car seat belts

The car seat belt is a vehicle safety device designed to secure the occupant of a vehicle against harmful movement that may result during a collision or a sudden stop. And it can control the driver and passengers’ chest acceleration and compression at the lowest value. In the overall occupant restraint system, including seat belt, airbag, seat, steering wheel and steering mechanism with endergonic device etc. Continue Reading

  • Sep 22 / 2014
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Seat Belt Pretensioner
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How Seat Belt Pretensioner Works?

A seat belt pre tensioner is a device that is used to hold a passenger firmly in their seat just before and at the start of a collision (especially in a front or head on collision) and then allow that passenger to come into contact with the inflated airbag in a controlled way.
The pre tensioner is an addition to the basic seat belt. While the basic has been to reduce serious injury and save lives, research and crash testing has shown that the seat belt in itself is not perfect and that it can be improved.
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  • Sep 13 / 2014
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What is Seat Belt Reminder?

Seat belts are an effective way of reducing the number or road deaths and severe road injuries in crashes. Seat belt reminders warn car drivers and passengers if the seat belt is not fastened. This can be done by a visual signal or an acoustic signal or by a combination of the two. Seat belt reminders are becoming more and more intelligent. Not only are they capable of ascertaining whether or not a seat is occupied, they now also take the driving speed and the distance travelled into account. The systems with a persistent and penetrating sound are most effective. On European level large safety gains could be achieved if all car occupants in all the Member States were to use a seat belt consistently. The EU has made it compulsory to install a seat belt reminder for the driver seat of passenger cars.
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